Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Picture A Day...27

Sending you all a beautiful bunch of flowers for your kind words yesterday. We survived the day, one daughter has flourished, achieving more than she thought, and my other has to face her fears again, but as usual, I will be there to hold hands, and offer calm strength.
Being a parent can be a tough job, it pushes you to your limits, then nudges you a bit further. The rewards however, when you see them overcoming difficulties, makes it all worth while.
Have a great day,
Amanda :) xxx


Monday, 25 July 2016

A Picture A Day...26

Right here, this moment, picture today completely unrelated, but that doesn't matter ;)
Feeling...grateful for the calming space I have created, outside my back door. I need calm. Today has ahead of it, new experiences and facing phobias, not mine, but I need to the one to offer calm, to be strong.
Smelling...lavender, there's a pot of it, just where I sit for my morning coffee. Helping with the calm.
Contemplating...our future, there's restructuring, and possible redundancies at my husbands workplace. I try not to contemplate for too long. I like calm too much.
Hoping...that I manage to ease anxieties today, that I stay calm. On a purely selfish note, for my beautiful greenhouse, it's been put on hold because of the above. I'm sure a greenhouse would help with being calm ;)
Tasting...fresh, strong coffee. I'm going to manage the next few hours in front of me, and next years improvements to the garden. Planning crop rotation, dwarf fruit trees, and a small wildflower meadow. Being a woman, I can multi-plan ;) some of my best planning occurs whilst drinking my morning coffee.
Touching...I love the feel of the cool breeze on my face, it's much cooler here today, coolness helps with achieving calm. the birds, the slight hum of the morning traffic, and for once, because Otto is still sleeping, I'm not hearing him barking at the magpies!
Now, calm absorbed, time to be strong. Hope your Tuesday's a good one,
Amanda :) xxx


Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Picture A Day...25

They've battled the slugs, the wind, a neglectful gardener who forgot to water them (me), a neglectful gardener who tied their supports too tight (me again), but finally they are starting to flower. I do love sunflowers and the way they strive to reach the sun. The ultimate happy flower.
On my last week of blogging everyday. Hope I'm not boring you too much ;)
Amanda :) xxx


Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Picture A Day...24

Beautiful Cosmos. I shared this image on Instagram earlier in the week, it's so beautiful, I had to share it on here too. I do love a bit of colour. Grown from seed, I have to say they are taller and stronger than any I've ever bought. This year I started a cutting patch, these have rather taken over. Next year I will plan my cutting patch better, maybe add another raised bed, a wider variety too. If you have a cutting patch, what do you grow?
Have a great Sunday,
Amanda :) xxx


A Picture A Day...23

My craft cupboard. I just love it's sunny, zingy yellow, and it's cheerful, patchy curtains. Always makes me smile :)
We've started our summer school holidays here, here's hoping for some sunny skies!
Amanda :) xxx


Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Picture A Day...22

Big skies. One of the reasons we bought this house, was the big skies. We moved from a terrace house, surrounded by other terrace houses, so tightly packed together, that you only ever caught a small glimpse of sky.
When I first walked into our garden, with its elevated position, and saw just how much sky there was, I instantly fell in love. One of my first MS episodes, involved loosing most of my sight. I recovered, but my sight can still be affected if I become ill, too hot, or even stressed. Since then I have never taken my sight for granted.
This image was taken a few nights ago, it took my breath away. It's lovely to be able to sit in my garden, watch the sun go down, and take in the beauty of nature. Let's hope we get a few more this summer!
Hope you have beautiful sunsets too,
Amanda :) xxx


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Picture A Day...21

Salad anyone? My very own salad bar, leaves picked fresh everyday.
Have a lovely day,
Amanda :) xxx