Thursday, 17 July 2014

Between A Rock And A Hard Place.....


I would like to thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. Although I've not been able to reply to you all, knowing you're thinking of me and mum has helped, enormously.
Mum is still with us, fighting on......exactly as we knew she would. She's comfortable with those she loves around her. Some tears, much love and a bit of laughter. I wish she would just drift off, but that ain't her way. Oh no, not my mum.
I've taken on many roles this week....daughter, a role that will soon cease, mother, sister, friend, nursemaid. I've sat with relatives who have come to say goodbye, handed out the tissues when needed, encouraged mum to sip from her cup, bathed her eyes, kissed her forehead, held her hand. I've hummed songs to her, (I don't sing as I know this will be too painful for her!).
I'm having to make on of the most difficult decisions of my life so far.....I really do feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Which of my roles is the most important? I keep swinging from one to the other. My role as a daughter, which has been so important over the last few years. I've looked after her, kept her safe, loved and comforted her when she's been scared and confused. Then there's my role as a Mum, very, very important. The girls have been great, they know I'm not been around much this week, they know why. Then there's my role as a sister, we've laughter and cried a lot this week, when one sinks the others lift.
We've a holiday start this weekend. A much longed for trip to Cornwall. Sometimes I'm thinking we will go, I know it's what Mum would tell me to do. In her book you put your role as a Mum first, she always did. I can do this I think, my family need a holiday. I can do this, I can be happy, have fun with my family. And then I'm consumed with a sense panic at the thought of leaving her. It's so overwhelming it takes my breath.
I've been fortunate so far in my life that I've not had to make too many difficult decisions. This ones is pants, (I could think of more choice words, but I won't).
So I've asked my Mum if she wants a trip down to St.Ives next week with me....I've told her we can have a little walk along the beach, see what treasures we can find. A bit of sea glass, a piece of drift wood, like we used too. We will have a little paddle, eat some fish 'n' chips as we watch the waves....and if she's really good I will by her an ice-cream with a chocolate flake. Yes, it's been far too long since she visited the sea, I really really hope she can join me there.....
I just wish I could chop myself into two.
Bye for now,
Ada xxx


Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Woman With Nine Lives.....


I've grown up to believe my Mum has super human powers. Those of you who dispute the fact that Super Heroes exists, are deluding yourselves, I can prove it, she's called My Mum.
I knew from a very early age that my mums life hadn't been the easiest. We were an open family, no secrets, as it should be.....would you like to hear about her nine lives?
Her first life was used up, at the age of thirteen when her, (very much loved), father died suddenly. Now her dad, by all accounts was one of the best husbands, fathers, friends, solider you could ever wish to meet. Her mother literally fell to pieces, and was never the same again. At this young age she took on the role of mother to her baby sister, housekeeper, and carer to her own mum. Money was very tight and she learnt very quickly how to produce delicious meals out of almost nothing.
Personally I don't think she ever really got over the loss of her dad, she would talk about him as I was growing up, I wish I had met him.
Her second life was used up, when as a young woman, her heart was broken. She trusted her heart to a lying, cheating man, and consequently she was left, pregnant, unmarried, and abandoned by her family and friends. Outcast and alone, she fought and won, to keep her baby girl. No mean feat in the 1940s, and I am so, so proud of her for being able to do this. I'm not sure I could have been so strong. I don't know if she ever heard from him again, he was much older, with a family......perhaps she was looking for a father figure?
With a young baby to care for, and no social security to rely on, mum soon became very vulnerable and got jobs where she could. I know at one point she was surviving on an egg and an orange a day, so her daughter could eat. Mum became very undernourished, and during the 1950s had not one, but two bouts of TB. Luckily by this time her family had stepped up to the mark and were supporting her, I'm not sure what would have happened to my Big Sis otherwise.
Now how many lives is that? Four.
When she had recovered from her bouts of TB, mum got herself a great job and financially supported her daughter and mum. They settled in to a pattern. Life was ok, lots of good memories and my Big Sis didn't go without. She then met and married my dad.....and two more little girls joined the family! And he loved us all the same.
Over the next few years, as I was growing up there was a couple of near the knuckle events for mum, a burst appendix and an anaphylactic shock, but she survived.....yep a super hero by any accounts!
Now my mum, as you can tell, has worked hard all her life. When we were growing up we had a little shop. Mum worked from 8am to 10pm (9pm on Sundays!) EVERY holidays, no Christmases, just work, work, work. During their marriage my mum also had her father-in-law, and her own mum live with us.
In 1987, when I married they decided to retire. They got a little council flat and their pension and the world was there oyster. The sense of freedom for her was huge, she joined the over 50s club, yay....a life at last! Within the year she almost died again, with bowel cancer. Now how many
Mum survived, and as always made the most of her life. When dad died she still carried on, getting out and about....holidaying with family and friends. She broke her hip, not a near death experience, that one just slowed her down and left her with a hobble!
Then a couple of years later, she got bowel cancer again, at the age of 81 she had her bowel removed, and had to learn how to live with a stoma. Very difficult, but she did it.....inspirational mum! And a couple of years later, Alzheimer's struck, and the mum we knew left.
A couple of days ago we learnt that mum has an infection that is causing her flesh to die. Her toes and foot are turning black. Hospital treatment isn't really an option, with her advanced dementia, an operation to remove the dead flesh wouldn't be done. She's on strong antibiotics and after my insistence, pain relief.
Now you know me for my positivity and my don't ask why, because it's a pointless question....but I am asking why, I'm screaming WHY, WHY, WHY! Why should a woman, who's gone through so much in her life, who's ALWAYS put others before herself, end her life in this way?
Everyday someone will be with her, I want to fill her room with love....and flowers, she loves flowers....and chocolate when she wants. She's on her last life, and we all know this one will get her, eventually.
But I also know My Mum, my Super Hero won't go without a fight. It's been a difficult couple of days for her. I rang this morning to see how she was, she's had a good nights sleep and woke perky.....PERKY! God, I love that woman!
She's the woman who called me.....
Ada Bea :) xxx


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Waving From The Wings.....


Just wanted to let you know I'm still here, waving from the wings, but not on centre stage.


So very little to say, or show at the moment......(these images are from my IG feed).
I've got myself some white yarn so I'm hoping these will become cushion to Cornwall soon, so these will be a great little project to take with me.
Beautiful, colourful flowers......
And beautiful, delicate decals which I've put up in Little Beas room, bargain from Ikea....£8.00! I've seen them for upwards of £30!
I keep stopping by your blogs, popping in to say Hi, and having a look at what you are all up too. I've kind of lost my voice at the moment, I feel like I'm in a very strange, unusual place. I really don't like it, and I'm hoping to get back my familiar place soon, but I'm not quite sure how to get there! Need to find that Familiar Place map.....quick, sharp!
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx


Thursday, 3 July 2014

On My Mantle.......


I love my mantle, I love it's blackness.....the depth of its shelf, it feels solid, feels like home.
It's not an original, it's not even really in keeping with our 1920s home, but that doesn't matter to me. Perhaps if I'd given it more time and thought, a few years ago when we were replacing our ugly 1980s fireplace, I might have tried to source an original wooden mantle, one with an integral oval mirror, and maybe I day. But for now I'm happy.
Inspired by a post written by Lou for Seeds and Stitches I've decided to document, over this next year, what's On My Mantle. This space celebrates, more than anywhere else in our home, what's occurring for us as a family.
It's where we share our celebrations....Birthdays, special cards for special days....a treasure we might find on a little adventure, my latest charity shop find...something homemade.
For years it never changed, I was too busy with work and a young family to even give a thought to what was on there, now it's displays change regularly, echoing and reflecting our family life.
So this was my first image, taken a couple of weeks ago...we'd just had picture rail put up, which gives great proportion to the room. There's the Fathers Day card our girls gave their Dad, and a cheeky little pot dog I had just bought at a local vintage sale.
Last week My Mantle looked very sad......waiting to be decorated!



And today, well......our living room has finally been decorated! I love, love, love the colour! And after almost a year, the lovely little watercolours I bought from Florence are looking snug in their new frames, as is the beautiful print I picked up from Covent Garden. And last night I made the little Pom Pom garland using the yarns in my blanket. I think it looks very cheery there!
I will tell you all about the other stories sitting there on My Mantle, but that will have to wait for another time!
So, what's on your Mantle? Or Shelf? What area in your home captures what's occurring for you and your family? Let me know if you post an image, I'd love to see!
I've been popping by to see you all, as and when our Internet allows, (for weeks now our supplier has been updating the line and it usually goes off whilst I'm in the middle of trying to do something online!) I've also been leaving comment and as I press publish they disappear! This has only been happening on blogger, and I don't think it's when the moderator is on....but I will keep trying!
Weekends coming up......have a good one!
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx
(Only 64 more squares to go..........)


Thursday, 26 June 2014

I'm Missing You!

I'm really missing you! I'm missing my little journeys into I'm locking my front door, to all the housework, DIY, and crochet projects and if my Internet (don't ask!) allows, I'm popping over to visit you! Put the kettle on......
See you shortly!
Ada :) xxx


Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Little Bit Of Folly.....A Whole Lot Of Glee!


You just can't beat a bit of Folly, can you?


I've admired the work of Folly and Glee for such a long time now.

So when we decided to update our living room, I contacted Polly, to ask her if she could make some lampshades for my soon to be decorated living room. I fancied some delicious barkclothes......
I sent Polly a picture of my curtains, and asked her to work her magic!
And that she certainly did......


The colours are rich......
This corn barkcloth from the 50s is my favourite, loved it so much I asked her to make me one solely in this fabric.....




Yes, a little bit of Folly.....but so much Glee!
Thank you Polly, I absolutely LOVE them, we all do, even my teenager who dislikes all things vintage!
You'll see more of them over the next few weeks as we finish off our living room.
I'd like to thank you all for your comments on my last post. I loved reading them and hearing your thoughts and views. Lots of food for thought.
Whilst many of us like the relaxed, perhaps more real, 'warts and all' blogs, it's important to realise that for some people, their blog is their job. These blogs need to be professional and more 'polished', after all, we wouldn't want to visit our GPs, if they behaved unprofessionally would we?!
Hello to those of you new's great to hear from you!
I know I've been absent from this little space, but I'm hoping things will settle down soon, be a little less hectic, and I can keep up to date with all the goings on in Blogland!
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx


Monday, 9 June 2014

Stress Free Blogging....


Hello......this little space is very important to me, not more important than 'real' life, but it's up there as one of the good things.
Recently I've read a few posts from bloggers who've been questioning their blogs, and where they are going with them, it's made very interesting reading and got me thinking.
It's important this is a 'stress-free' zone. I have plenty of real life stresses, so this little space has to be as calm and as colourful as can be!
There's no plan here, no ultimate goal, I'm not wishing to become anything other than Ada Bea, who loves her vintage sheets. Who enjoys picking up her hook every now and again....and who's wanting to get her living room finished, then put those paint brushes away for another 10 years!!!
(We've a picture rail up now, there's holes in the walls where pictures and mirrors were once hung......the paints been ordered, and I've got a some lovely things being commissioned too, but more about that another time.....)
Yes, my stress free place, where I don't have to plan a blog post or think too much about what I'm writing (which is why it's a bit ad hoc!)....I go with the flow, or not, depending on how I feel.
Most of these photos have just been taken, I've not staged anything although the Instagram ones have been edited. (I'm hoping to do a photography course with my sister later in the year so this may, or may not, change!)
It's not that I'm lazy, and it's certainly not that I don't care, it's just how it has to be for me that's all, nothing too difficult, laid back....
This post has taken me all of 20 minutes to put together (yes I can see that, some of you may be thinking!) I do love those blogs that look fabulous, beautifully photographed, clean cut and swish, but I wouldn't know where to start.....and I'm not sure it's really me!l


Yes, I need stress free blogging, how about you? I'd love to here your thoughts on your much time goes much, or how little stress is experienced!
The only thing I do stress about is that I don't visit you all enough....have a lovely week everyone!
Bye for now,
Ada :) xxx